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Over 40S

Specialist training to improve bone and joint health, exercise plans to aid weight loss, expert in training with the menopause (pre/post)

I am specialised in training men and women over the age of 40.  It’s even more important at this age to keep yourself fit and healthy to reverse the ageing process and deterioration that can occur with inactivity.  I have first hand experience in how to train the mature client, understanding the importance of bone and joint health, menopause and how this affects the metabolism and the endocrine system.


I hold my personal training sessions from my own studio space at Therapeutics Physio Centre, Southampton.  We will use a variety of equipment including free weights, balance boards, stability ball, agility ladder amongst others.


Over 40s personal trainings sessions are available one on one or small group and you will need a 60 minute assessment before taking part.  Home visits upon request.

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